Conferences Papers & Invited Talks

“Exploring Career Diversity for Humanities Doctoral Students” at UCIrvine, January 2016

“Making Digital Humanities” at UCSanDiego, June 2015

“Alternatives to Traditional Academic Careers,” American Historical Association, January 2015.

“Chapman ePortfolios, a Lightning Talk,” American Historical Association, January 2015.

“The Secret Life of a University Administrator,” Western History Association, Fall 2014.

“Digital Humanities at Chapman University,” DHSocal, Spring 2014.

“Teaching with Wikipedia,” THATCampFeminismsWest, Scripps College, March 2013

“Teaching the Digital Humanities,” Roundtable Discussion at DHSoCal Research Slam, April 2013

“ePortfolios at Chapman University,” THATCamp SoCal, CSUF, September 2012.

“Mormon History and Timelines,” Sunstone West Symposium, Claremont Graduate University, March 2012

“Lessons from One Week | One Tool,” THATCamp, George Mason University, June 2011

“Digital Humanities” THATCamp breakout session, Modern Language Association Conference, Los Angeles, January 2011

“‘Struck from the Supply Table:’ The Impact of Surgeon-General Hammond’s 1863 Anti-Calomel and Antimony Order on Medical Practice in the American West,” Western History Association Annual Conference, October 2010

“Lessons from One Week | One Tool, the inside story of a digital humanities barn-raising,” Stanford University, Center for the American West, October 12, 2010

“ePortfolios and CVs,” THATCamp Bay Area, WordPress HQ, October 11, 2010

“Not Mrs. Robinson: Social Media in the Academy,” Thomas Jefferson School of Law, September 27, 2010

“Social Media for Scholars,” Literature, Media, Culture Research Slam, UC Santa Barbara, May 2010

“Social Media,” THATCampSoCal, Occidental College, March 2010

“Using Social Media in Graduate School,” UC Irvine, Humanities Recruitment Day, February 2010

“The Exponent Blog and Feminist Writing for the 21st Century,” Sunstone West Symposium, Claremont Graduate University, March 2010

Women in Conversation on the Internet,” Counterpoint Conference, University of Utah, October 2009

“Combating the Strangling Angel: Diphtheria Antitoxin and the Primacy of Science-Based Medicine in Southern California,” PCB-AHA Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, October 2009

The Invisible College in the Digital Age,” Writing History, Yale University, September 2009

“Beyond the Archive: Using Web-Based Resources for Historical Research,” keynote address for History & Theory Conference, UC Irvine, May 2009

“Organizing Archival Research,” Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, January 2009

“La Vida Online,” Sunstone Symposium, August 2008

“Academic Blogging and Podcasting,” NACS Web Development Meeting, UC Irvine, Spring 2008

Can Feminist Blogging Help Mormonism?” Sunstone Symposium, August 2006

Book Review Panel: Under the Banner of Heaven,” Sunstone Symposium, August 2003

“Finding Refuge,” Association for Mormon Letters Annual Meeting, Westminster College, January 1996