Social Media


I author several Twitter accounts, the primary one being JanaRemy, but I also write history-related tweets for my podcast blog at MHPodcast, and for an account related to Chapman University’s Department of Academic Technology & Digital Media.  Additionally, I contribute to the Twitter account for The Exponent blog and have run twitter channels for conferences such as the Past’s Digital Presence.  Indeed, using social media at conferences is a major thrust of my collaborative scholarly endeavors, as seen here and here.  My early experiments with Twitter also led to connections with local media outlets, such as when there was a gunman sighted on the UC Irvine campus.


I primarily use Facebook for aggregating my online presence from various spaces (blogging, twitter, etc).  It is the one place where all of my worlds collide (family, colleagues, old acquaintances, etc).  I find it a helpful place for vetting ideas with a wide spectrum of participants and have been pleasantly surprised by the vigorous cross-pollination that happens on this forum.

I have used Facebook for class group activities in the past, but am now reticent to do so given privacy concerns.  I have also successfully used Facebook for fundraising efforts.