Jana Remy

Teacher | Technologist | Traveler

History Podcast & Blog: MakingHistoryPodcast.com

In 2007 I founded the Making History Podcast out of a desire to use technology to connect with writerly-minded historians.  Since then I’ve brought three co-bloggers on board and have produced numerous podcast interviews with a wide range of senior and emerging scholars.


Personal Blog: PilgrimSteps

This blog originally began in 2002 at enivri.com, although the current archives only represent my writings since I moved to blogspot in 2005.  On PilgrimSteps I’ve discussed living with a disability, my struggles with (and eventual departure from) the Mormon church, my family, and the everyday serendipities that I encounter on my journey through life.


History Compass Exchanges: HistoryCompass.wordpress.com

Sponsored by the publisher Wiley-Blackwell, I was invited to join this group blog in 2009.  The posts tend to discuss issues and problems in history-making from the point of view of early-career historians.


The Exponent Blog: The-Exponent.com

I founded this blog along with several other Mormon women in 2006.  It draws on the Mormon feminist heritage found in the 19th-century LDS church as well as the activism of Boston-based feminists in the 1970s and 1980s.  I also serve as the webmaster for The Exponent blog and the Exponent II website.